International Economics and Modern Languages

College: Andrew Young School of Policy Studies / College of Arts and Sciences
Degrees: B.A.
See Also: Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

International Economics and Modern Languages (IEML) provides the analytical tools to do economic research, consulting, and policy analysis on global issues, along with the language skills needed to work with the United States’ major trading partners. The Andrew Young School is gaining worldwide visibility as a leading source of expertise on global policy issues; the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Georgia State has an innovative curriculum in French, German and Spanish languages designed to prepare international professionals. This major combines these resources to enhance intercultural awareness, provide intercultural life and work experiences, and enhance students’ competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Career Opportunities

Students who want to pursue career opportunities in the fields of international economics and business will find this degree prepares them to compete in a “flat world.” One of the most important developments affecting the U.S. economy and career opportunities for today’s graduates is globalization. As businesses, nonprofit organizations and governments struggle to adapt to a globalizing economy and to meet the demands of international markets, there is a growing demand for economists, research analysts, managers, consultants and others with expertise in international economic issues. In many cases these positions require, or prefer, employees with knowledge of one or more foreign languages. Data show that economics majors have higher earning potential than other business or social science majors. A recent U.S. Census Bureau study showed that college graduates who majored in economics were among the highest-paid employees. The addition of a language component to their degree provides IEML graduates with even more of an edge.

Academic Guide

This is a suggested 4-year schedule of courses for students to follow, including milestones that should be met each year.

B.A. in International Economics and Modern Languages