Global Studies

College: College of Arts and Sciences
Degrees: B.I.S.

The Global Studies Institute brings together different academic disciplines to tackle pressing problems in today’s world. We are a diverse group of researchers, including political scientists, psychologists, anthropologists, geographers, environmental policy experts, sociologists, and social psychologists. We are united by a deep concern to address critical global issues through our research and teaching.

The Global Studies Institute offers a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.) with a concentration in Global Studies. The degree prepares students to be globally aware in their chosen careers. Students develop a broad set of perspectives and skills. Our aim is to equip students with the knowledge and abilities needed to be successful in today’s fast-moving and inter-connected world. We offer students courses on critical issues like conflict, terrorism, peace building, water access, urbanization, and global cities. In addition to focusing on global issues, students develop regional knowledge of the world. Students are encouraged to pursue world language study at an advanced level.

Career Opportunities

Students who major in Global Studies choose many different career paths, including: government, politics, business, education, and nonprofit.


Because there are multiple ways to register, we encourage you to contact the University Advisement Center or the College of Arts & Sciences Office of Academic Assistance for more information.