College: College of Arts and Sciences
Degrees: B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
See Also: Department of Communication

The disciplines of communication are concerned with the processes and effects of human communication in a variety of contexts ranging from interpersonal communication through the mass media. The Department of Communication provides courses of study that develop knowledge and skills in managing face-to-face communication, knowledge about the nature and social functions of the mass media, and the skills necessary for communication careers.

Career Opportunities

The journalism major seeks to prepare students for newspaper and magazine careers (print journalism), radio and television careers (telecommunication), or public relations careers. In addition, the courses in journalism are designed to be useful electives for students planning to enter other vocations who wish to become media-literate individuals.  Credit for special projects and internships is available in all majors and concentrations.

Academic Guides

This is a suggested 4-year schedule of courses for students to follow, including milestones that should be met each year.