Business Economics

College: J. Mack Robinson College of Business
Degrees: B.B.A.
See Also: J. Mack Robinson College of Business

Economics examines the material prosperity of countries and their citizens in an inderdependent world of limited resources and technological change. In doing so, it studies how decisions are made by private businesses, governments, and households in producing, consuming, and distributing goods. In general, economics is concerned with monetary arrangements and their impact upon purchasing power and economic performance.

Career Opportunities

A wide range of career opportunities is available to economics graduates. Recent graduates with majors in economics have accepted positions as financial analysts for real estate financing firm and a major bank and as a general manager for a recording studio, as well as having accepted prominent graduate programs in law and economics.

Academic Guide

This is a suggested 4-year schedule of courses for students to follow, including milestones that should be met each year.

B.B.A. in Business Economics