Online Courses

Interested in online classes that will fit your schedule? Georgia State offers a variety of courses online to meet the needs of students juggling school, work, and home.  You can choose to take a combination of online and traditional classroom courses, many of which utilize web tools to enhance the classroom experience, or attend at your own pace in online courses only. You make the choice that will enable you to meet your educational goals. If you’re not a Georgia State student already, get started today by contacting Undergraduate Admissions or one of our Graduate Admission offices.

Georgia ONmyLine (GOML) provides access to a full array of online and distance education offerings from colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia. Four distance learning programs and two non-degree endorsements are offered by the College of Education at Georgia State University. Visit the GOML page on the College of Education’s website for more information.

In addition, below is a list of undergraduate and graduate courses offered online when possible. See course descriptions and projected schedules in upcoming terms for additional information.  Online sections of courses are noted as such under “Comments” in the schedule of classes. You may search the semester’s schedule for all course sections offered online by selecting “Online Section” for Attribute Type and hitting Class Search.

Note that the schedule of classes is subject to change at any time. The following list of courses is not guaranteed to be offered online every term and should be used only as a guide. 

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

SW 4460/8460/GERO 7260  Aging Practice
SW 4490/8490  Child Welfare Practice
SW 7200  Human Development Through the Life
SW 8500  Community Field Education I
SW 8900  Community Field Education II

College of Arts and Sciences

GERO 7260  Aging Practice,  (Crosslisted with Social Work 4460/8460)
MATH 1070  Elementary Statistics
MATH 1101  Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
MATH 1111  College Algebra
MATH 1113  Precalculus
MUA 1930  Music, Society, and Culture
MUA 3930  Music, Society, and Culture
MUS 1430  Fundamentals of Music
PERS 2001  Perspectives: Comparative Culture
POLS 4242  European Union
POLS 4290  Studies in Comparative Politics
PSYC 1101  Intro to General Psychology
POLS 4490  Studies in International Relations

J. Mack Robinson College of Business

CIS 2010  Introduction to Computer-Based Information Systems
CIS 3001  Managing Information Technology Projects
CIS 3300  System Analysis
CIS 4680  Introduction to Information Security and Privacy
FI 3300  Corporation Finance
HAdm 3490  Private Club Management
HAdm 3750  Hospitality Human Res Management
HAdm 3760  Hospitality Service Marketing
MBA 8030  Law, Ethics and Governance
MBA 8125  Information Technology Management
MBA 8135  Corporate Finance
RE 3010  Real Estate Principles
RE 8000  Real Estate Concepts and Practices

College of Education

BRFV 3200  Introduction to Administration and Organization of Programs for Young Children
BRFV 4360  Child Guidance Birth to Five
CPS 3200  Diversity and Human Relations
CPS 3300  Interpersonal Communication Skills
CPS 3400  Career and Lifespan Development
EDBT 4250  Principles and Practice in Technology/Career Education
EDBT 4570  Instructional Strategies in Technology/Career Education
EDRD 2200  Reading for Undergraduate Success
EDRD 3400  Reading the World of 21st Century Texts
EDRD 6600  Introduction to Materials and Methods in Reading Instruction
EDUC 2120  Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity in Educational Contexts
EDUC 2130  Exploring Learning and Teaching
EDUC 2152  Birth and Parenthood
EDUC 8360  Teacher Support Specialist
EPEL 7020  Leadership for a Diverse Society
EPEL 7410  Instructional Leadership
EPEL 7680A  Practicum Seminar: Data Analysis and School Improvement Processes for School Leaders
EPEL 7680B  Practicum Seminar: Action Research for School Leaders
EPEL 8620  Psychological Aspects of Leadership
EPEL 8690  Research-Based Decision Making for School Leaders
EPEL 8970  Seminar in Educational Leadership
EPRS 7900  Methods of Research in Education
EPRS 7910  Action Research
EPRS 7920  Classroom Testing, Grading, and Assessment
EPRS 8530  Quantitative Methods and Analysis in Education I
EPRS 8540  Quantitative Methods and Analysis in Education II
EPRS 8550  Quantitative Methods and Analysis in Education III
EPSF 7120  Social and Cultural Foundations
EPSF 8010  Cultural Studies in Education: Film
EPSF 8280  Anthropology of Education
EPSF 8320  Politics and Policy in Education
EPY 2040  Learning to Learn: Theories, Application, and Practice
EPY 2050  Human Growth and Development
EPY 7080  The Psychology of Learning and Learners
EPY 8070  Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning
EXC 4020  Characteristics and Instructional Strategies for Students with Disabilities
IT 2010  Computer Skills for the Information Age
IT 2210  Integrating Technology Into the Elementary Classroom
IT 7100  Design of Performance and Instructional Systems
IT 7150  Analysis of Performance and Instructional Systems
IT 7360  Integrating Technology in School-Based Learning Environments
IT 8000  Foundations of Instructional Technology
IT 8050  Evaluation and Assessment of Online Learning
IT 8090  Internet for Educators
IT 8150   Managing Instructional Technology Projects
IT 8200  Diffusion and Adoption of Technological Innovation
IT 8360  Design and Development of Multimedia for Education and Training
IT 8390  Analysis of Education, Training, and Performance Support Centers
IT 8400  Advanced Authoring Technologies
IT 8420  Topics in Instructional Technology
IT 8440  e-learning Environments
IT 8500  Advanced Instructional Design
IT 8550  Human Performance Technology
IT 8660  Internship in Instructional Technology
IT 8950  Evaluation of Instructional Technologies
KH 3150  Healthy Lifestyle Choices
KH 7460  Health Risk and Protective Factors
KH 7480  Curriculum Development for Health, Physical Education, and Adapted Physical Education
KH 7780  Drug Use Prevention and Intervention
KH 7790  Current Issues in School Health and Physical Education

Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions

NURS 2010  Health and Human Development Across the Lifespan
NURS 3010  Health and Human Development Across the Lifespan
NURS 3300  Policy Planning and Trends
NURS 7000  Research Methods for Advanced Practice Nurses
NURS 7030  Clinical Practicum in Adult Health Nursing I
NURS 7050  Ambulatory Care of Adults for Advanced Practice Nurses
NURS 7080  Advanced Practice in the Ambulatory Health Care of Women
NURS 7090  Advanced Practice with the Childbearing Family
NURS 7120  Theories of Advanced Psychiatric Nursing
NURS 7140  Advanced Psychiatric Care of Individuals
NURS 7310  Advanced Pathophysiological Concepts in Nursing, Part 1
NURS 7320  Advanced Pathophysiological Concepts in Nursing, Part 2
NURS 7440  Advanced Practicum in Child Health
NURS 7500  Advanced Health Assessment
NURS 7550  Pharmacology for the Advanced Practice Nurse
NURS 7600  The Culture of Health Care
NURS 7610  Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Healthcare Systems
NURS 7630  Leadership for Healthcare Policy, Law and Medical Ethics
NURS 7660  Health Care Technology and Clinical Informatics
NURS 7710  Advanced Topics in Management
NURS 7720  Advanced Topics in Healthcare Informatics and Technology
NURS 7740  Leadership Residency II
NURS 7900  Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Practice Nursing
NURS 8035  Theoretical and Philosophical Foundations for Nursing
NURS 8045  Introduction to Advanced Nursing Research
NURS 8050  Quantitative Research Methods I
NUTR 3100  Nutrition and Health
NUTR 3170  Food Safety and Sanitation
NUTR 3200  Introduction to Clinical Nutrition
NUTR 3300  Nutrition and Health for Health Professionals
NUTR 3810  Interpretation of Clinical Laboratory Values for Health Professionals
NUTR 6170  Food Safety
NUTR 7810  Interpretation of Clinical Laboratory Values for Health Professionals
SNHP 2010  Med Terminology for Healthcare
SNHP 3010  Advanced Med Terminology for Healthcare
SNHP 3810  Interpretation Lab Values
SNHP 6010  Graduate Medical Terminology
SNHP 7810  Interpretation Lab Values
SNHP 8000  Trends Affecting Health Care

School of Public Health

PH 1000  Introduction to Public Health
PH 3001  Introduction to Epidemiology
PH 7010  Foundations of Public Health Administration and Policy
PH 7012  Health Program Planning Implementation and Evaluation
PH 7017  Public Health Biostatistics
PH 7020  Principles of Tobacco Control
PH 7560  Disability Epidemiology
PH 8001  Epidemiology for Health Professionals